Eniro API

What's an API?

API is an abbrevation for Application Programming Interface. For a deeper explanation, read more about APIs on Wikipedia.

The Eniro API at api.eniro.com is a way for your site to access to Eniro's company data. By crafting a specific request to our servers, you'll get a consistent response back. The Eniro API defines which questions you can ask us and which responses you'll get back.

You'll also get the added benefit of consistency. You won't be affected if we make changes to Eniro's backend services, since we are also bound by the API. As long as you ask a correctly formatted question, you'll get a proper answer back. We will of course add new features in the future, and to use them you may need to update your code now and then.

Anyone can sign up for a free basic account. A basic account can access what we believe most people need, with a limit of 10,000 requests per month.

If you feel that this isn't enough for your site, please contact us to discuss what we can do for you. We've developed the Eniro API following industry standard protocols to make it as easy as possible to integrate Eniro data on your site. We welcome all feedback, positive or negative. Just drop us a line by using our online contact form.

Technical jargon: The Eniro API is a standards-based REST API, uses HTTP GET requests, responds with JSON/JSONP data. Maximum 10,000 requests per month with a basic account.

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We're Using Eniro API

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    Multi source search engine for web, images, companies and news

  • ServiceFinder

    Helps service providers and service
    buyers/consumers to find each other online

  • Bloggerfy

    Scandinavia's fastest growing blog rating Site

  • Gule Sider on iPhone

    One of the largest yellow pages, white pages
    and map provider in Norway

  • Krak on iPhone

    The largest yellow pages and white pages
    provider in Denmark

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